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Headquartered in Hiroshima, Japan, Mikasa Corporation is a manufacturer of high grade athletic balls, equipment and accessories and has become the equipment of choice in international competition for both Volleyball and Water Polo.

They sell their products worldwide through their distribution network of subsidiaries and licensed agents.


Mikasa Sports Australia, based in Adelaide, South Australia is the Australian agent for Mikasa Corporation of Japan and takes care of the wharehousing and distribution of MIKASA products throughout Australia.

Quality of our products

Our MVA200 (Indoor Volleyball) and VLS300 (Beach Volleyball) are homologated by the FIVB (Federation Internationale de Volleyball) as their Official Game Balls and to be used for all FIVB competitions such as Olympic Games, World Championships, World League, World Grand Prix etc.

In Australia the Official Game Ball is also the MVA200 and the VLS300 and is used by the Australian Volleyball Federation and the Aust. Defence Forces. The W6000W & W6009W (Water Polo Balls) are the Official Game Ball for the Australian Water Polo Inc. (AWPI).

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